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About Vikas Desai

Vikas Desai is an experienced security practitioner helping organisations leverage security as a business enabler. In his current role as a Cybersecurity Advisor for IBM, Desai works closely with some of the largest banks in the Asia-Pacific region helping them design their cybersecurity initiatives. Prior to IBM, Desai held senior positions with Citibank, RSA Security, Sun Microsystems and Netscape Communications.

Topic: "Digital Identity Proofing in the Era of Data Breaches and Social Networking"

Overview:- Identity Proofing - identifying and assessing the risk of new digital identities trying to access your digital applications - is a great challenge in this era of data breaches and social networking, where personal data is available to anyone. Given that the digital channel is the growth engine for most businesses today, and that those new identities are acutely tied to business growth, the challenge is even greater. Therefore, businesses must leverage digital identity proofing infused with machine learning that is not just secure and accurate, but also transparent, to ensure the right digital user experiences.