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About Binisha Gosalia

With over a decade of expertise in product development and marketing, Binisha brings a unique blend of technical and customer-centric approach to her role as Head of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives at WovVTech.
She has a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences and has proven success in implementing this vision in her work.
She has been instrumental in the development of WovVXM, an Experience Management Platform that leverages analytics and feedback to drive CX improvements.
Additionally, she spearheaded the development of OKEN, an app platform for customer loyalty, and brought it from ideation to launch.
Her extensive background in Retail, Fintech, and Product Management provides a deep understanding of customer pain points, and the skills to identify and drive CX improvement initiatives.
Prior to WovVTech, Binisha has worked with fintech companies PayNearby and Jio, digital banking services to the underbanked, upskilling 28,000+ retailers in just 15 days and driving a monthly GTV of 4500 cr.
Her critical role in shaping Reliance Market's hyperlocal and ecommerce initiatives through close collaboration with merchants helped in creating a product roadmap and GTM plan.
At WovVTech, Binisha leverages her technical and CX expertise to drive success and growth for the company, and is passionate about delivering innovative solutions to enhance customer experiences.