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About Bhavini Parikh

Bhavini Parikh is a remarkably committed social entrepreneur of India. She is a Textile Artist and Fashion Designer while being the Founder and Creative Director of Bunko Junko & Dezinelife social welfare foundation.. Her flair to purse novel ideas while working on garment ornamentation and embroidery work on established manufacturing brands alleviated certain community-oriented problems and abetted in upliftment of socio-economic growth of more than 1000 women by offering them employment opportunities. During her initial years in the garment manufacturing, she nurtured the idea of upcycling waste fabrics in garments, home furnishing and décor and exhibited them. This passion of hers offered, an open-ended platform for social innovation that was one-of-its-kind. Bhavini aimed to revive the craftsmanship and talent that is unharnessed among tribal and rural women and relentlessly worked towards it. Over the years, her company took up several challenges and has been successfully focusing on converting the waste of fabrics, scrapes in realty development into commercially viable products while exercising friendly upcycling and manufacturing methods. Her passion and hard work have led to a successful development of an unconventional business idea which aids in eradicating social and environmental issues of Waste Fabrics and materials Received many Awards . Bhavini has proved that there are no impossibilities in the world as long as you have the fervour and zeal to pursue your goals!!