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About Dr. Sunil Joshi

MCA - IICA Certified Independent Director. Seasoned management professional with over 30 years experience. Management Consultant specialised in growth of business. Technocommercial person who carries diverse exposure and experience. Led cross-functional and international teams with a budget and P&L responsibility. Knowledge of science, technology, IT, management is unique; comes handy for technical requirements or commercial or techno-commercial at work. Highly skilled to design, build and execute resultoriented processes. Have cultivated diverse background through experience at locations like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Delhi in India and Dubai and London internationally. Experience of working with people from diverse cultures have developed adaptability, collaborative effectiveness and multi-dimensional leadership. People management, optimum utilisation of resources, planning and management of budgets got acquired on the career path while analytical skills are natural talents. Known as a result-oriented and committed leader; always appreciated for building and maintaining strong relationships. Also, an author and speaker.