Asia Retail Congress

About Puneet Mansukhani

Puneet has been a Go-Getter with around 23 plus years of industry experience. His association with the retail industry in India dates back to the time when the debates were more around the survival of the mom and pop stores viz a viz the organized players. With the emergence of retail in the past decade, there has been a major transformation in the way the technology requirements have changed for retailers. From a mere point of sales requirement to inventory visibility, to loyalty, and now to a true multi-channel experience, retail probably as an industry, is the largest technology adopter and carries the maximum investment budget as compared to other industries.

He has helped companies like Polaris, Vinculum, EY build their retail tech practices from scratch.

In his current role Puneet leads the Retail Sector in India and is also the Global Head of Retail for Digital and Technology Transformation wherein he helps retailers build a future ready business and technology architecture leading to a true multi-channel experience. He is also involved in building a strong D2C agenda for manufacturing, automobile and trading companies enabling their commerce journey and opening a direct engagement channel with the end customer. The approach is more value lead thereby creating a recipe which is growth oriented.

As a global leader he is involved in building the technology practice for Retail across large KPMG International member firms.