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About Neerja Lakhani

Neerja Lakhani, co-founder of Inner Sense, has revolutionized the Indian innerwear market by building a profitable business around organic, anti-microbial lingerie and innerwear.
A fashion designer by education and a doer by practice, Inner Sense is the manifestation of design, strategy and perseverance.
Committed to enhancing the well-being of Indian women, Neerja has introduced a range of innerwear that is not only comfortable and stylish but also health-conscious and organic. She took the punt on sustainability before it was cool. She believes that a successful business should solve a core consumer problem.
Neerja has championed organic and sustainable fashion practices for more than a decade. She noticed a significant oversight in the market - “lack of hygiene in women’s innerwear.” To address this, she built Inner Sense, India’s first brand dedicated to healthy and intimate apparel, setting new standards for the fashion industry.