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About Natasha Shah

Natasha Shah, founded The Nature’s Co., an array of natural and luxurious wellness beauty products. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she obtained a Masters in Business Administration + Ecommerce from the prestigious MET University, Mumbai. With her visionary, she envisaged increasing needs and awareness of discerning customers in India for beauty care. It is with such foresight and enterprising spirit that The Nature’s Co. was founded in 2008. At The Nature’s Co., Natasha Shah is not only the founder to the company but a lot more. With her enterprising attitude she personally has undertaken the responsibility of heading the R&D, packaging and strategy development for The Nature’s Co. From conceptualizing the product to giving birth to its existence, she has founded an exotic range of products with a combination of body lotions, body butters, shampoos and creams, lip balms, bath salts, moisturizers, face wash, wellness products and more. Multitasking being her key strength, she looks into each aspect in order to ensure that each product is in sync with philosophy and ideology. Natasha also firmly believes in strict adherence to the ‘all natural’ way persists. All of The Nature’s Co. products are, PETA certified and use only the finest natural ingredients that are vegan and totally environmental friendly.

Natasha started her career in 2003 with Amar Remedies Ltd. (ARL), a manufacturer of ayurvedic products. Within 5 years of her career Natasha realized the need for natural beauty products and with that came a strong desire to start something of her own. With her fervor, Natasha had been researching on natural ingredients, essential oils and its benefits since 2003. Combining her passion with the parent company’s strong roots in Ayurveda, this helped her to go further with her research and showcase a complete, natural range of skin, hair, body care and wellness products.

As a child Natasha always had a foresight and was a forward thinker. With her philanthropic thinking she wanted to contribute to the society, so she founded the all natural The Nature’s Co. Being married and mother to 8 year old twin boys she is a multitasking WOMAN of TODAY. Apart from being a businesswoman she is also a great wife and mother. She has a range of accolades from the Retail fraternity. Women Super Achiever in Retail –Asia Retail congress 2013; Brand Leadership Award for Marketing Excellence 12th Indira Awards 2013; 50 Most Talented Retail Professions of India-CMO Asia for 2014 & 2015 & 100 Most Influential Retail Leaders –Retail & Shopping Centre Council & Awards 2016, 50 Most influential Global Youth Marketing Leaders 2018, 100 Most Influential Global Youth Marketing Professional and Top Retail Minds- Asia Retail & Shopping Centre Congress & Awards 2019,2020, Most Impactful Green Leader-2023 to name a few.

With the need for constant research and developments Natasha ensures that there are new product developments to meet the changing need of the consumers. Natasha Shah is also looking into global openings and spearheading the future business to expand drastically through online, e commerce and m commerce platforms. With her vast knowledge in Retail, she now is a prominent speaker at Forums, seminars and also consults newer brands to kick-start their Retail journey.

Her getting trained under 3-times National Racing Champion, Sarosh Hataria, in LGB Formula 4 Car Racing, has now fulfilled her undying love for speed and driving. Natasha, consulted AHURA Racing -India’s 1st and only All Women Racing Team for their business and marketing strategy. She also co-owned Thane Thunderbolts Team, one of the 8 contingents in Mumbai Games, a sports league launched in 2018.