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About Bhavini Parikh

Bhavini Parikh, an exemplary social entrepreneur based in India, serves as the driving force behind Bunko Junko & Dezinelife, a foundation dedicated to social welfare. As a Textile Artist and Fashion Designer, she integrates garment ornamentation and embroidery to address community challenges, empowering thousands of women through employment opportunities.

In the realm of garment manufacturing, Bhavini conceptualized the idea of upcycling waste fabrics, leading to the establishment of Bunko Junko, an upcycle fashion brand with a vision aligned with the United Nations' sustainable development goals. Bunko Junko has successfully diverted tons of fabric waste from landfills, saved billions of gallons of water, and curtailed carbon emissions, making a significant impact on social and environmental issues related to waste fabrics and materials.

Beyond prestigious fashion shows Bhavini's impactful work has garnered numerous awards, including the Climate Catalyst Runner-Up Award by the IKEA Foundation Adelphie. She received accolades such as Leader of the Year '22 by Vijayalakshmi Das Entrepreneurship Awards, Indian Woman Excellence & Leadership Award '19, and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for Green Business at the '19 World Environment Day organized in Delhi by World Environment Expo '19.

Bhavini has not only demonstrated her commitment through her work but has also shared her insights at prestigious forums like the World Economic Forum (WEF), Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) in Mumbai, and the National Conference.
Bhavini's accolades include the Leader of the Year '22 and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for Green Business. Her impactful journey has been featured in esteemed publications like Times of India, Your Story, CNBC, and Economic Times many more. Notably, she has been recognized by the US Embassy, Swan Magazine, and several international publications, further solidifying her position as a global influencer in sustainable social entrepreneurship. Bhavini's unwavering passion leaves an indelible mark, showcasing that with dedication, no goal is beyond reach.