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About Ranjan De Silva

  • Transformation Catalyst, Sensei International
  • Business consultant, coach and trainer for 20 years in 24 countries
  • Pioneer of the grocery retail business in Sri Lanka (1992) and Bangladesh (2000)
  • Director at Keells Foods & Keells Super, Sri Lanka
  • CEO roles at Agora Superstores and Apollo Hospitals, Bangladesh
  • Fellow & Gold Medallist – CIM UK
  • MBA - PIM Sri Lanka
  • Phd participant at HULT Business School
  • Author: ‘Mind Programming for Sales Success’ and ‘A Better way to Sell’
Tital:- Developing Purposeful Team members for Retail Success

Overview:- Purposeful living is aspiring to be of service to our world, live by a set of values and be open to relevant opportunities. Those who attempt to live purposefully are happier, resulting in passion, creativity, innovation, team work, service orientation and energy that results in professional success. This presentation will sow the seeds of purposeful living, provide a set of mental tools to live purposefully and an approach to lead in a more purposeful manner.

  • Importance of purposeful living for personal happiness, effective team work and work success – with specific emphasis on the retail business.
  • How to articulate a purpose and live purposefully, to generate positive energy and attract opportunities from the universe.
  • Changing mindset and behaviours of self and team members to be more purposeful with the use of mental tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).