Asia Retail Congress

About Dominic Twyford

Dominic’s role involves understanding the commercial and brand challenges of clients businesses, and ensuring that creative solutions support their business objectives. On a day-to-day basis he leads client strategy and client servicing in India. This is his second stint with FITCH in India, having set up FITCH's Delhi studio in 2010. His client experience in India includes working with brands across a host of categories, they include Tata Motors, Myntra, Domino’s Pizza, Hindware, Diageo and Nestle.

Topic: Can you quantify an “Experience”?

Overview:- Customers don’t just want to buy. They want an experience that fulfils their most basic desires for belonging, progress, independence and comfort. Retail brands can show they understand these everyday needs by providing an experience based on one or more experience themes.

  • How experience themes look and act, and how each responds to different ways of meeting everyday desires.
  • Based on robust data, understand how to define the brand’s physical, human and digital elements in a way that creates category differentiation, and a defence against competitors.
  • How to create a unique experience signature that translates the intentions of the brand in to tangible principles that can be applied directly to communications, product, purchase and service.