Cinque Terre

Vijay Kapoor
Managing Director
Derby Clothing Private Limited

Success comes to those who happily celebrate the success of others. Vijay Kapoor dreams of creating 1000 successful First generation entrepreneurs by 31st March 2025; through franchising his Mens Fashion brand - Derby Jeans Community. His passion lies in making a success chain; Successful - Customers, vendors, suppliers, service providers, franchisee partners, front end & backend team members. The logic being " Money is an amazing By-Product but a poor point of focus ". By making others successful in your business process , you will eventually become successful. About Vijay - He is a Firrst generation entrepreneur and he founded brand 'Derby Jeans Community' in 1994 at the age of 23 years with a capital of Rs2 Lacs. He is in love with LIFE and lives every moment with intensity and enthusiasm . He travels the world, has trekked the Himalayas , has sea dived in most of the exotic coral reefs in the world , Spends a week in Silence & Meditation every year , has a harmonious family and friends circle and believes - Life is beautiful inspite of all its imperfections