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Chief Executive Officer
Toniq Retail Brands Pvt. Ltd.

Sonali Lalvani, Founder and CEO of Toniq Retail Brands Pvt. Ltd, has spent the past 18 years within the retail industry and has a multitude of experience from across the globe. Armed with a Bachelors Degree from Knox College, Illinois, Sonali started her career in retail at the age of 20 with The Landmark Group, Dubai. In her 5 years at The Landmark Group, Sonali worked as a buyer for the company's fashion label, Splash and then moved onto heading and leading Corporate Communication and new business alliancesacross the GCC and MENA region. She also led the team to introduce and license Bossini and Kappa into India. On her return to India, Sonali also managed and led the shopping mall division across South India at RMZ Corp, India's largest real estate company.
In 2010, she set out with a vision to establish a legacy in the Indian Fashion accessories industry, giving rise to Toniq Retail Brands. Over the past 7 years, the company has grown to 5 brands in the Company portfolio, having expanded to 200+ stores across the country, adding new locations every day. The product line has also increased threefold including women's accessories, Ethnic Jewelry, Women's Handbags, Men's accessories, Beauty and Kids accessories. The Company has also launched an Omni Channel Retail experience with the launch of their E Commerce Website for its brands.
Sonali has also been awarded Women Super Achiever in Retail from Asia Retail Congress, and was the youngest winner in this category, which recognizes women who have made a difference in retail.