Luca Cappuccitti

Luca Cappuccitti
Head of Global Business Development
Design International

Luca Cappuccitti has been Head of Global Business Development at Design International since 2013. With his unmatched experience in the retail sector and his colourful character, he has long been a familiar face to high-level decision makers within the retail and property development industry. He was elected as MECSC board member in November 2016. Luca is currently working on mixed-use projects within GCC, India, Far East and Europe. Born in Italy, Luca is a Political Science graduate of La Sapienza University of Rome, with a PhD in International Geoeconomics and Geopolitics and a Master's in International Luxury Management.

Topic: Shopping Centre Global Design Trends

Overview: Renowned as a leading practice in retail architecture, Design International is renowned for its ability to anticipate and provide early solutions to new and emerging consumer trends. Drawing on that experience and using illustrative case studies, the presentation will provide insight into emerging trends that are and will shape the sector in coming years.

Key take outs for the audience include:
  • Knowledge of most prevalent trends in retail architecture
  • Real-life examples of how these have been addressed
  • Thought-provoking consideration of the opportunities these trends provide/create