Cinque Terre

Juan De Lascurain
Chief Dreamer
Dream Big

Juan de Lascurain is a Designer / Entrepeneur with a brand called Dream Big. His brand is about inspiring people to follow their dreams and includes 3 different platforms. Media, Design and Social Responsibility. Juan was born in Mexico City in 1971 and went on to play tennis in College in the U.S. After college he became a triathlete and traveled the world for 5 years competing in international races including the 1999 Hawaii Ironman. After his career as an athlete he moved to Santa Monica, CA and built a successful tennis coaching business in Beverly Hills. In 2004 a gentleman offered him free air time at a local Spanish non/profit tv network. Without pay and no prior experience Juan went to produce over 30 shows and had the opportunity to interview many celebrities, athletes, and political personalities encouraging them to share their stories to inspire young people. (U.S. Treasurer, Evander Holyfield, Tomy Hilfiger, Jamie Lee Curtis, Debra Messing, Emma Watson and many others) Covering some of the worlds biggest events (Emmys, Grammys, American music awards, Nfl, Pga, nba, and many others). It was during that time that he started developing the Dream Big brand.
In 2008 while at a friends house, he grabbed a napkin and a sharpie and started doodling. A lady saw him and asked him if he was an artist. His reply was "no", and that lady encouraged him to start. The next day Juan bought some material and started his first painting. Today his brand Dream big includes a collection of over 10,000 designs, 30 licensed products in different countries, a book, conferences, a festival and many other projects in 8 countries. He is a sought out speaker for universities, and companies looking to inspire their people to better their lives and the world. All of this has not been without obstacles, for many years all Juan had was a $500 dollar car, stayed with friends and family and many people told him to quit and get a "real job." But his faith, vision and determination helped him overcome the obstacles and launching his career. In 2016 his brand sold over $1,000,000 million dollars in licensed products and reached over 20 million people through collaborations with brands like Kleenex and Kotex. Through his conferences he reached more than 10,000 people in different countries. Juan was top salesman at the Apple Store in Beverly Hills. It was there that he discovered his talent for painting on the I - phone. Today Dream Big is the first brand ever created on an I phone that includes over 10,000 designs and 30 licensed products in different countries. He is launching the Dream Big tv show in 2017 with "El Financiero / Bloomberg network in Latin America. One of his top priorities is to help young people discover their talents, that is why he is deeply involved with a foundation called "Reintegra" that works with juvenile offenders so that they can become agents for positive change in their community. Juan gives conferences free of charge and also some of his products are manufactured by this same young people.

Topic: "Inspiring people through retail"

Overview: The idea of this presentation is to inspire the audience to think beyond just selling and making them think about how they are impacting the lives of their customers in a positive way. Building connections with customers and engaging in a positive way while:

• Dreaming big and following your passion
• How to overcome obstacles
• The importance of giving back