Cinque Terre

Deepinder S Kapany
Consultus Retail

Deepinder is a senior management professional with over three decades of experience in nurturing some of the iconic brands in retail, textiles, music, leisure, entertainment and automotive sectors, managing multibillion-rupee operations and leading large cross-functional teams in India and abroad.
He has had the unique opportunity to understand the customer from distribution as also from direct retail perspective. Over the past 17 years he has rolled out 436 stores and shop in shops in 4 different formats across cities within India and Middle East and takes pride in being able to align and take diverse teams towards shared objectives.
A Mechanical Engineer with a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management, Deepinder has been a part of leadership teams of brands like Bombay Dyeing, Mahindra Retail, Reliance Retail, Saregama HMV and Dunlop India. He advises large Indian and Arabian retail conglomerates as a Director with Consultus Retail.