Clint Lazenby
Founder and Manager
Legacy Retail Solutions

Founder of Legacy Retail Solutions, a boutique consulting firm, designed to help companies succeed in their global eCommerce ambitions and providing insights and engagement in managing business with Walmart around the world. Mr. Lazenby has over twenty years of experience working in large organizations developing business with strategic accounts domestically and internationally. He is recognized for bringing creative solutions to complex business challenges by finding new solutions to known issues. Early in his career, Mr. Lazenby learned how to transform processes and problems by finding powerful insights contained in data. These lessons formed the cornerstone for understanding the story information tells and leveraging it to empower and drive productivity and results. Mr. Lazenby has direct experience across several business functions. His early roles focused on analytical support to the sales teams and key customers. He then moved into the supply chain organization, charged to leverage more sophisticated analytics to improve customer replenishment, integrated forecasting [S&OP] and a number of other transportation oriented challenges. From there, he took the experiences from analytical and supply chain roles to become one of the first account executives with a cross-functional background. This robust experience enabled him to transition onto the international side of the business where general management skills are required. International assignments have provided him the opportunity to translate his skills to develop international team members by infusing them with this data-driven approach.

Topic: Walmart Global | Better Opportunity Than Ever Before

Overview: Walmart has undertaken substantial internal transformations to put themselves in a position to be a key player in the future of global retail. It is key learning to leverage the strength of their brick & mortar business with the US and International eCommerce business. For many companies it is difficult to start the discussion with a company as large and complicated as Walmart, but it does not have to be so challenging and I want to show you how to make it approachable.

  1. Overview of what Walmart as a global company looks like
  2. Demonstrate how companies need to assess themselves to successful approach Walmart
  3. Share the keys to a successful introductory meeting focusing on their own Capabilities and Alignment with Walmart