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Prof,Dr. Bernd Hallier
European Retail Academv

Bernd Hallier is born in 1947 in Hamburg, starting to study economics in 1968. During his studies he was ATESEC-exchange student at Turkey, lsrael, South Africa and Japan. He got his PhD as a part-time student writing a sector analysis and the shift of jobs between manufacturers and wholesale/retail due to new technologies (lT).

ln 1985 he moved to the city of Cologne to become CEO of the lnstitute of Self-Service which he merged with the lnstitute for Rationalization to form the German Trade lnstitute (DHl) which later he transformed to the European EHI Retail lnstitute . ln that time he pushed the EuroShop exhibition for shop-fitting to become world-leader with 120.000 sqmeters net; he acquired 50 percent of GS 1 (Global Standard barcoding), he initiated tracing/tracking for cows and beef European wide ( EU Regulation) after a meat-scandal in t994/96. For Good Agricultural Practice he started Globalgap (also being present in lndia by a national committee) and an EHI-logo for honesty in lnternet B2C shopping.

Additionally in 2006 he created the European Retail Academy which today units about 230 Research units worldwide in a platform www.european-retail-academv.ors . ln ist Hall of Fame are for example Alexander Philip Nobel, the Nobel Laureate Prof.Dr.R.Aumann , the former EU- President Prof.Dr.Romano Prodi and others. The Youth Forum is attached to the Astana Economic Forum. One focus followed since 2008 is Ecology/Sustainability. Hallier's vision is a Global House of Harmony baed on Ecology, Economics and Ethics.