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Asia Retail Congress 2018

Asia's single most important global platform to promote world-class retail practices. The focus of the two day Asia Retail congress is to discuss and influence the issues for change. The Asia Retail Congress is aimed at company chairs, presidents and CEOs from leading international and national retailers, directors of international and national retailers, directors of international brands who believe in making change happen...

The Giants of Retail will meet at Asia Retail Congress 2018

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We know money is tight and travel budgets have been trimmed but Asia Retail Congress is the one event that you can't afford to miss. And, that's why we've put together this list...

Reason #1 - Retail's Most Successful and Innovative Leaders Will Be There!

Reason #2 - More than 50 Mind-Blowing Educational Sessions

Asia Retail Congress sessions are full of provocative, challenging information that will reboot your thought processes and help you improve your business. Learn from retail leaders who have adjusted to the new economy and are thriving.

Reason #3 - Global Networking Opportunities.

We offer numerous networking opportunities including the Awards for Retail Excellence - Retail's Biggest Party, The Retail Luncheons. Get to know your peers from around the world during more than 5 hours of dedicated networking.

Reason #4 - Solutions

Reason #5 - One of a Kind

You won't find this level of education, solutions or networking anywhere else in the world!

Retail Leaders


-- The Awesome Future of Retail – Go Global ! --
-- Culture, Values and the Customer Experience --
-- Putting the Consumer at the Center --
-- Working Collaboratively for Customer Engagement --
-- Beyond the Vision --
-- Customer Intimacy: The Ultimate Value Creation --
-- Careers, Community, Innovation: This is Retail --
-- Disrupting the Status Quo: Reinventing, repositioning and stretching brand DNA to compete --
-- Retailing in a Flat World --
-- The voice of retail worldwide: Being heard in a hostile world --

Co-Hosted Events

Asia Retail Congress Co-Hosted Events

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